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How can hypnosis help me to lose weight?

Yes, Hypnosis can definitely help you to lose weight. Firstly I can help you to explore exactly why you are overweight.  We will look at why you believe you are overweight, and then look at what actually will be causing it  Ultimately it will be because you have taken in more calories than your body needed, but what is the reason for that? Is it because you are engaging in emotional eating, or eating through boredom, or making the wrong food choices because of lack of time?

It might be that your overall diet is healthy but you are simply eating portions that are too big.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can help you to fire up your motivation and address the issues you are facing in your life that are leading you to overeat. We will work to enable you to stop that unnecessary eating and and  help you to accept that eating is not an effective way to deal with stress and other issues. 

In the meantime however, you can give yourself a kick start to your weight loss by reducing the quantities of food that you are eating overall and there are several techniques that I use to help you do this. One of the most popular techniques that I use is the fitting of a hypnotic gastric band.  This may not be for everybody and other techniques are effective too. Often people think that a hypnotic gastric band is only appropriate if you have a large amount of weight to lose, however it is of equal benefit to those people who just want to learn how to reduce the portion sizes they are having even if they only have a stone or two to lose.

What is a Hypnotic Gastric Band?

The installation of a hypnotic gastric band involves using hypnotic techniques to allow yourself to undergo an ‘installation’ procedure whilst under hypnosis.

This will result in your feeling a sensation of tightness at the entrance to your stomach, which will in turn mean that you find that you can eat less and still satisfy your hunger.  This in turn will allow you to lose excess weight.

Will it always be there?

The Hypnotic gastric band will be there for as long as you need it . It will allow you to lose weight whist you learn the strategies to overcome your desires for whatever it was that caused you to be overweight in the first place.

Will I be able to eat normal foods whilst I have the band installed?

Yes, absolutely. You will find however that you will feel fuller sooner and the quantities of food that you eat are significantly reduced. Over a fairly short period of time your stomach will adjust to having smaller portions of food and it will be come second nature to dish up smaller portions.

Do I have to ‘diet’?

No foods are forbidden, however it will speed up your weight loss if you make healthy food choices. Part of the first session will cover a review of what your diet consists of now and information on the types of food that will enhance your weight loss. These are the foods that will help you to maintain a healthy weight long term.

What are the costs involved?

The first session is usually a double session especially if you wish to have a gastric band fitted, and is priced accordingly. Subsequent sessions are charged at my normal sessions rate, and can continue for as long as you feel that you need weight loss support.

Some people are motivated by success on the scales and should you wish, you will be weighed at each session and your weight loss will be recorded.

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