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Meditation and guided visualisation CD’s

 Carolyn has produced a range of guided visualisation CD’s for use in your own home.  Each meditation lasts between fifteen and twenty minutes. 

 What is Guided Visualisation?

 Guided visualisation is a type of meditation, where you are led on a verbal journey through your mind. The meditation starts with you being led through a guided relaxation process, and then you are taken on a ‘journey’ where you can visualise your surroundings and your experiences.  It also allows time for your own private meditation, where you are the author of your own visualisation.

  Meditations such as these are powerful de-stressors. Meditation and relaxation is vital in our busy world, to allow our bodies time to catch up with our thoughts and recharge our ‘internal batteries’.  Physical benefits of meditation are said to include a lowering of blood pressure and heart rate.  Meditation is also said to encourage psychic development, and these guided visualisations can simply be used to help you to relax or alternatively used to increase your vibrations in order to develop your psychic abilities.


The selling price for all the CD is £5.99 to include postage and packaging.

Titles Currently Available

Nature Journey


This guided visualization leads you on your own journey through nature, allowing you to choose where you go and what you encounter.  This meditation lasts approximately 20 minutes and allows you to enjoy the many stress relieving benefits of relaxation and meditation.

A Nature Journey  guided meditation by Carolyn Potter Hypnotherapist

The Crystal Cavern


This visualisation takes you to your own private crystal cavern where you can discover the many treasures that await you there.


The Crystal Cavern , a guided meditation by Carolyn Potter Hypnotherapist

The Zen Boat Journey


Go on a journey of discovery where the journey is just as important as the destination.  Choose your own boat and waterway and landscape and see what you find.



The Zen Boat Journey A guided meditation by Carolyn Potter Hypnotherapist

Healing White Light


This visualisation leads you through the experience of sensing a healing energy flow through the body.  This is a useful visualisation for anyone suffering from illness, as they can visualise the healing energies restoring them to health.


The Healing White Light a guided meditation by Carolyn PotterHypnotherapist

The Pyramid

Discover your very own pyramid and find out what secrets it holds for you

The Pyramid, A guided meditation by Carolyn Potter Hypnotherapist




































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What clients have said……

 “I have a few of Carolyn’s meditations and my husband and I both listen to them regularly. Her meditations are easy to follow and visualize, her voice guides you to a relaxed state. These meditations provide a welcome break from the noise and chatter of day to day life - therapy for the soul.” 

Penny, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire


You really do have a natural talent for this.  I could feel myself relaxing almost instantly I started listening. There's something quite wonderful about the rhythm of your voice that helps me float away and relax. I've listened to many other medication CDs and I have never managed to reach this deep level of relaxation with any of them. Even in group meditation I have never met anyone who can give a guided meditation as brilliantly as you. The CD is also a perfect length, long enough to come out of the meditation feeling calm and refreshed, but not so long I keep putting off using it, because I am concerned I don't have enough time.

Bekki, Wokingham, Berkshire


I love your meditations. I have bought ‘The Crystal Cavern’, and now want to buy Nature Jouney and The Zen Boat Journey .

Julie, West Midlands

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