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Carolyn Potter, Dip Hyp,HPD., GHR reg,MNCH reg
Hypnotherapist and Reiki Maste

Do you live too far away from me to attend consultations on a regular basis? Would you still like to see me for consultations?  If so, due to innovations in technology, it is quite easy to set this up.

I can now offer consultations on ‘Skype’ which is a progamme which is free to download and free to use for internet face to face calls between registered Skype users.  You may have heard about ‘Skype’, but did not know what was involved so if this is the case, then have a look at my You Tube clip which shows you what is required and how it works.

Skype works best over a broadband connection, which many people have access to these days.

On Skype, you will be able to see me on your computer screen and hear me through your computer’s speakers, and I will be able to see and hear you too. The only additional costs of getting yourself set up on ‘Skype’ are the following, but you may already have some of these:

    -You will need a small webcam. You can spend a lot of money on these, but I have purchased mine for about £10 from Amazon, and it is perfectly adequate.  Some laptops have integrated webcams so if you have that you would not need another one.  My webcam also has an integrated microphone, so an additional microphone is not required.

    -You will also need speakers or a headset. Most computers have speakers and these are fine, however if you want to make your session a bit more private, then you can use the headphone, and they are probably to be recommended as they usually have a microphone attached too. Again these can be purchased for only £5 or £10, and are widely available online or in shops.

Once you have the equipment, you plug this into your computer (often the connectors are colour coded so you can’t go wrong) , download the free programme, and off you go. It takes just minutes to do, and is well within the scope and abilities of most people.

Visit the Skype website to read more and download the free programme


Of course once you are set up on Skype, you can use it to talk to family and friends at home or abroad who are also registered users for free.

If you would like to book a Skype consultation, or even to have a free initial chat on Skype then please call me  on 07774 890064 and we can set this up


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