Carolyn Potter, Dip Hyp,HPD, GHR reg MNCH reg
Hypnotherapist and Reiki Maste

Carolyn Potter Reiki Master at work

What is Reiki all about?

Everything is made up of energy, and that energy comes from a universal source.  What you believe that source is , depends on your own beliefs and spirituality, but there is no denying that it exists.  For that reason , Reiki, although a form of spiritual healing, is non-denominational, as it does not subscribe to any one belief system.

A Reiki practitioner has the ability to tap into this universal source of energy and channel it through themselves to their clients.  they do this by placing hands on their clients major energy centres, (or chakras, as they are called)  The clients remain fully clothed throughout the treatment and if they do not wish to be touched, the practitioner can work a couple of centimetres off the body.

Reiki is completely safe and there are no side effects, however it is a complementary therapy, and medical treatment should also be sought for serious medical problems.


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