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Do you suffer from high blood pressure?

If so you are not alone. Many people do, and because there are no recognisable symptoms many people die from this. You have probably already been told that it is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease and stroke. In fact, high blood pressure, or hypertension accounts for 20-25% of all deaths worldwide, and it is believed to affect one in three of adults  That amounts to 16 million people in the UK alone.

Unfortunately, in 90% of cases of high blood pressure, (referred to Essential Hypertension, or Primary Hypertension) doctors have been unable to find a physical cause, and this is where Hypnotension can help.

So, if you have a diagnosis from your doctor of hypertension then you are perhaps one of the luckier people , as you have the opportunity to do something about it and effect an improvement in your health. Just a small reduction in blood pressure can slash your risk of dying from a stroke by 12-14% and heart disease by 9-10%

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So how can the Hypnotension programme help my high blood pressure?

Using a range of proven cognitive behavioural techniques, I can help you to identify the risk factors that are known to affect blood pressure levels

These would include helping you tackle the following issues:

  • Helping you to reduce your ‘emotional’ stress levels
  • Reducing your salt intake
  • Increasing your exercise levels
  • Looking at your alcohol consumption
  • Looking at your weight
  • Identifying other stressors in your life which may have an effect on your Blood pressure

As you can see, the time a doctor will have available to help you with these issues will be very limited, and with a therapist you will get the time and the opportunity to explore areas which you may feel are relevant to your condition.

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