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Are you trying to start a family and it is taking longer than you had anticipated?

Are you thinking about IVF or other assisted conception methods?

Many couples today are now waiting later to start their families, and this is having a negative impact on their fertility.  It is generally accepted that fertility starts to diminish with age, which is why more and more people are needing to seek help conceiving.

So how can Hypnotherapy help me to conceive?

Many people see their bodies and their reproductive systems as being separate from their minds, and often do not see the effect that stress and negative thinking can have on your body. People can readily accept however that in times of stress, menstruation can be irregular, or disappear altogether, and it is possible that you may suffer from anovulation which is when you menstruate, but you have not ovulated. This will undoubtedly have a serious detrimental affect on your ability to conceive.

Often the process of trying to conceive can be hugely stressful, and combing that with a ticking clock just compounds the stress. Hypnotherapy can help you to get your life in balance and restore you to a fertile state. This is true for men just as much as for women, as stress can have a negative impact on sperm production, and can affect the quantity and quality of the sperm produced.

Emotional Blocks to pregnancy

Some women deep down inside can have some emotional blocks to becoming pregnant. This might include issues such as guilt remaining from a previous abortion, or just some beliefs that have been acquired throughout life that perhaps they just don’t deserve to be pregnant, or that they would not be a good mother, or they have been selfish and left it too late etc.

People often ask how can my thoughts and beliefs affect my ability to conceive?  Our thoughts can create chemical messages to our brains which then controls our bodies. We are familiar with some mind/body connections where our thoughts directly affect our bodies. Some examples of this are when we produce tears when we think of emotional issues, blushing when embarrassed, the sexual response etc.  In all these instances our thoughts create direct changes in our bodies and we take this for granted. Thoughts such as ‘you don’t deserve to be a mother’ can be translated into chemical messages in the pituitary gland which then controls the production of hormones to enable you to ovulate, and then subsequently conceive and allow the pregnancy to continue.

I can help you identify those blocks and challenge those beliefs, whatever they may be and however strange they may appear so that you give your body the best chance of conceiving.


How else can hypnotherapy help me conceive?

  • Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a healthy fertile state where your body is ready for conception.  I can help you lose weight, and start to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • An important part of restoring you to a healthy state is to stop smoking and stop drinking, and I can help you with this. Smoking, alcohol and other substance abuse can affect both partners trying to conceive.
  • I can help you have trust and confidence in your body that it will be able to do what nature intended.

What about IVF?

Research has shown that women who undergo IVF treatments are 55% more likely to conceive if they receive hypnotic support at the same time. These procedures are so expensive and have very low success rates, so can you really afford not to invest in additional support?

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