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 Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

What my clients say:

Due to a fairly recent change in the rules of my registering body the NCH, I am now allowed to publish testimonials from clients.  Here are some comments recently received from clients and shared with their consent. 

Lack of self belief and low confidence issues

This came from a young woman who had struggled for many years with self doubts and completely unjustified feelings of inadequacy.

Carolyn has helped me so much. I have been able to let go of issues that have plagued me for years, and I have gained a whole new positive outlook on life that has given me so much more confidence in who I am and what I do.

Miss HC Bracknell -Submitted May 2013

Self esteem, Confidence and Anger Management:

I went to see Carolyn for low self esteem, anger management and a general feeling of being worthless.  This feeling was not going away and I wanted someone who would entirely understand and help me to see people and the world in a different light.  Carolyn was this person.

Although I did feel a little edgy on my first appointment, as I rang the door bell, the wide open door and greeting was immediately welcoming.  Her client room was very comfortable with easy modern unfussy furnishing. Carolyn has a lovely clear warm voice and she listened to me without interuption.  I knew straight away that our meetings were going to be successfu;, and indeed I carried on with therapy for several weeks.

Carolyn turned my negative feelings and behaviour patterns completely around for me and enabled me to see people, friends and family in a different light, and more importantly myself.

I have total trust in Carolyn, she is kind and has untold patience.  she made me feel special and was very professional in her manner. I would without doubt recommend anyone who is thinking about taking this step that I took, to do it.

Mrs  MWD-Wokingham

Fear of Flying

This is an email received from a client who had struggled with a fear of flying for many years (Shared with her permission)

Hi Carolyn,

 I'm in Atlanta having done my first flight, I can't express how brilliant it was, I can't believe what a difference you have made to me! Thank you so much. I feel ready for the next flight which takes off in about 30 minutes xxx

Mrs LH Wokingham

Weight Loss

I had tried various diets without too much success, lose weight, put it back on, and I had lost confidence in myself. After finding Carolyn through the internet, and many telephone conversations with her, during which I found her to be very approachable, friendly and understanding, I decided to try her, not knowing whether I could be hypnotised or not.

My partner had concerns about hypnotism and possible side effects but Carolyn spent time explaining how it would work, answering his questions and let him sit in on the first session to put his mind at ease.

I have had a few sessions now and have found Carolyn to be very professional ,friendly ,encouraging and supportive, and always available if I feel I need a little reassurance, and I have lost weight, am achieving my goals and my confidence level has soared.

Seeing Carolyn has worked for me and I am so pleased that I took the step to see her, I would recommend her to anyone.

Mrs RD, Hartley Wintney

Addicted to Chocolate

I first visited Carolyn about 3 years ago for chocolate addiction and weight loss advice.

I didn’t eat chocolate for over 2 years after my visit and lost a stone in weight but did drift back onto chocolate after that due to a work incident and subsequent stress.

I revisited Carolyn a couple of weeks ago because my weight was creeping up and, after hypnotherapy, have not wanted to go back to chocolate.

I would recommend a visit to Carolyn to discuss diet, weight loss and chocolate addiction, together with available hypnotherapy sessions.

Submitted Feb 2013 by Mrs J J .Finchampstead


Phobia of doctors, needles and medical procedures

I received this email from a client who has always been scared of the doctors, and who passed out on her last visit just to see the doctor. Imagine her fear when she was told she needed a blood test.

‘Just to let you know that all went well with my blood test. Took no time at all and I felt fine whilst at the doctors. I just felt a little bit light headed on the drive to work so pulled over for a few minutes.
Definitely a lot better than the last trip to the doctors, so thank you for your help’

From Mrs LD Camberley

February 2013

With regards to my HypnoBirthing work which is separate from my general hypnotherapy practice, you can see some of my clients lovely birth stories on the HypnoBirthing pages. T


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